Terms and conditions of use. Provided obtain data of the website over a network (downloading) with material from towww.easybay.gr another user's print material appearing on the website solely for the personal use of users in an inescapable condition that no affected copyright and shall not be modified, altered or deleted trademarks or the limited liability company or any EASYBAY.GR third natural or legal person. This authorization may be revoked at any time, unilaterally modify the terms of use. Any other use of the material available on this site, including but not limited to: the modification, alteration, build, configuration, reproduce, distribute, transmit, sell, republish, upload to another computer (upload) in any way any information (in whole, part or in summary) that is provided on this website, in any manner or medium, including the dispatch of the Internet or the availability of information on the internet to anyone else tropo.Yliko which users receive the computer over a network (downloading), including but not limited to software, files, graphics, data or other data owned limited liability company EASYBAY.GR or third persons who have been granted permission to use this material. These persons retain all relevant copyright and ownership of that given up by any use of material. Privacy Policy This Privacy agreement covering the conditions of collection and management of personal information of visitors / users / members (collectively, "users") from EASYBAY.GR (owner, creator and proprietor of all rights of the shop www. easybay.gr), during registration or during the visit and use of services and pages of the site www.easybay.gr. The terms and conditions of this guarantee does not cover in any case the relation between users and easybay.gr any services not subject to the control and / or ownership of EASYBAY.GR. Given the nature and volume of the Internet, under any circumstances, including negligence, EASYBAY.GR not responsible for any damage suffered by the user pages, services, choices and content easybay.gr to make on his own initiative and with knowledge of the terms hereof. Collection and processing of personal data When you sign easybay.gr, will request some personal information such as: name, surname, country, county, city, date of birth, email address (e-mail), etc. Personal information may also be requested when using certain services and products easybay.gr or when you visit certain pages easybay.gr. The easybay.gr unswervingly follow the Greek legislation on recordkeeping Privacy Policy. The data reported in these cases is not disclosed to third parties in any way or are not made public in any way exploited. These data are used only to the extent strictly necessary to fulfill the terms and obligations of individual services, providing users easybay.gr, informative user support, selection of content available to users, in order to be consistent with their general preferences, satisfaction of the requirements of users of services and products available from and through easybay.gr, informing them about the new products and services, serving the normal functioning of the site. Exceptionally easybay.gr may disclose personal information of users in the following cases: • When the explicit consent of the users in any way for the disclosure of their personal information • The disclosure is made to any other person or persons with whom collaborates easybay.gr and only to the extent strictly necessary for the provision of the service by Easybay.gr • If required by law, by the court or requested by any other government or regulatory authority management and protection of personal data user services easybay.gr subject to the terms of this agreement and the relevant provisions of Greek law (Law 2472/1997 on the protection of individuals and the protection of personal data, as amended and supplemented by the decisions of the President of Personal Data and the provisions of European law. Against this background, any changes will amend this. Anyhow the easybay.gr reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data within the existing or potentially new Legal framework on user information without prior notice. Transaction Security and Privacy In order to ensure the protection of your personal data, easybay.gr technology uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is the most reliable vehicle for safety transactions via the Internet, worldwide. With this technology, each item you enter on our site is encoded before leaving online and then explores the authenticity of the message and the server. SSL The scales come in 2, 40-bit and 128 - bit. larger the scale, the more difficult it is to break the encrypted message. We use SSL 128-bit, which is a trillion times stronger than the corresponding 40-bit. addition, easybay.gr has a digital certificate protection from Thawte, a globally recognized as a leader in providing protection and data transactions over the Internet. The Thawte, each time you access a page that is to be transaction data, showing a "padlock" bottom right of your screen, confirming that your transaction is protected. Finally, personal security is the password you provide when you become a member of www.easybay.gr. To present any of your personal data, you must first dothei the user name and password. For this reason, must store these items well, not to fall into the hands of others. All transactions made through www.easybay.gr governed by international and European law, which regulates issues relating to electronic commerce as well as by the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994), which regulates issues relating to distance selling

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